All I want for my birthday is a 10-inch haircut.

MORRISTOWN, N.J.—I stood on the dance floor in front of 120 family and friends on May 5, 2006. Sixteen candles lit and one for good luck to go.

“Yes, everyone, I know I’m only turning sixteen,

Lighting my good-luck candle at my sweet sixteen

And this next candle is number seventeen.

There are two girls I would like to dedicate this candle to.

One is the girl my dad gave stem cells to.

The second girl I have never seen nor heard from,

But, through Locks of Love, my hair will soon be hers, at least some.

As good luck, this candle will be lit.

I will light it myself, so everyone can sit.”

While my auburn hair during my oh-so memorable candle ceremony flowed to midback, a few days later, it barely touched my shoulders. (more…)