A first and last exists for everything, including eating chicken wings

BUFFALO—After a memorable night out in Canada, we packed our bags, checked out of the hotel and drove back to America. We sleepily gazed out the window and waited for our next stop, Anchor Bar.

Anchor Bar . photo taken by me

I had never eaten real chicken wings before and, while I did not really care to try them, I knew that if I did not, my New York friends would never stop making fun of me.

And of all places to have your first real chicken wings, Anchor Bar, that calls itself the “home of the original buffalo chicken wings,” would be the prime choice.

I would definitely agree with that statement. My stomach, ehh, not so much. (more…)

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So why did you choose to be a physician?

Itchless, painless red rashes blanketed the seventh grader’s calves ready for spring in shorts. Long overstaying their welcome, the rashes concerned his mother. So they went to the doctor.

Now, a silver chain peaks out of the back of his shirt, a fashion statement perhaps. Yet the one-inch, hexagonal pendant hidden from the world reveals something more—von Willebrand disease.

Nicholas Arno’s blood disorder forces him to refrigerate a $500 tiny bottle of nasal spray that clots his blood if he cuts himself or gets a nosebleed, the sophomore biology major says.

Before his diagnosis, science had always been cool, Arno says, but now he knows he wants to be a physician.

Arno's necklace . photo taken by me


Our Organic Fish, Couple 3: Zusammen and Entgegen

Entgegen (the small, dark fish) and Zusammen (the big, white and orange fish) . photo taken by my roommate, Danielle

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y.—The weekend Danielle and I returned to St. Bonaventure from winter recess, we headed over to the same Wal-Mart to buy some more scaly unpettable pets—for the third time. (more…)

Our Organic Fish, Couple 2: Fischer and Newman

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y.–I turned the light of the fish tank on and off continuously for about 5 seconds. After practically giving both Fischer and Newman seizures, I dropped a pinch of goldfish flakes into the tank for mealtime.

My roommate looked up from her organic chemistry book and gives me a confused look.

“I’m Pavlov training our fish!” I excitedly explained.


Our Organic Fish, Couple 1: Cis and Trans

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y.—Danielle, my roommate, and I have been adopting couples of fish from the Wal-Mart in Olean, N.Y. since September 2009. Pay around $5 per fish, fill the tank, introduce the scaly creatures to their new home and pray that they live.

Cis (orange goldfish), Trans (gray catfish) and Petri (purple dinosaur) . photo taken by me


Students experience a preview of spring at Bonaventure

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y.—Seven o’clock in the morning my clock reads, as the sun blares through my closed blinds in Devereux Hall at St. Bonaventure University. I roll over and lay my stuffed cow Maxwell across my eyes to shield me.

Maxwell, my stuffed cow . photo taken by me

Merciless toward college students desperate for sleep, this new alarm clock creeps under the cow and stings my eyes.

My roommate rolls over in her extra long twin bed as she too attempts to escape the light but, however, fails.

Those annoying flies that get caught in lights and buzz until they eventually die have nomadically changed locations to the window screens for fresh air and natural light.

This is quite an unusual experience in rural Allegany, N.Y., and it feels great.


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St. Bonaventure University’s library versus its study lounges

Friedsam Memorial Library . photo taken by me

ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y.—Junior Ashley Ross sits, watching the time pass on her phone, laptop nowhere in sight. A backpack and books rest beside her. Tick. She waits for the strike of 4 to take her shift at the library’s front desk. In her hands, Rhetoric: An Historical Introduction lies straddled. She utilizes the library’s overhead lighting and wooden furniture but nothing else. Why isn’t she in a study lounge?


Can’t get much better than Loehmann’s

I parked at the entrance of the third floor of Nordstrom, just as I always have. Hit the lock button on my keys and slipped them into my jeans pocket as I entered the mother ship, The Mall at Short Hills in Short Hills, N.J.

Shoppers frequently see celebrities and famous athletes surreptitiously scurrying around in Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other various designer stores. Having neither clothing sales tax nor subpar stores, The Mall at Short Hills attracts those who would typically shop in Manhattan if not for this building. This is the place to shop.

I walked in ready to spend with three credit cards and hundreds of dollars in gift cards hidden in my suede UGG purse. After three hours of picking out, trying on and abandoning, I left with not a single shopping bag in my hands.


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Back to My High School, My Home

MORRISTOWN, N.J.–I parked in the lot hugging the school, not the one stories below that I many a time had hiked from every morning. Without a bent back from my book bag, I opened the door to a place I know so well. And then I signed in as a visitor.

Proceeding with my mission for this morning, I walked up the two flights to the guidance counselor’s office as an outsider. The plum-colored skirt I wore did not match the plaid scurrying through the stairwell. My heels clicking on the hard steps did not sound like the flats I found around me. The giggles and chitchat I heard did not come from my mouth, but they sounded phenomenally familiar. My brown tights could never compete with their navy blue knees socks in a fashion show. This is my home. (more…)

Hello, world!

As a new tweeter and blogger, I will attempt to take advantage of this site to the best of my ability. Most upcoming blogs will be from stories submitted for journalism class assignments at my university. As a biology major and journalism minor premedical student, I plan to write about medical issues but will not limit myself to only this topic.

This led me to my nonsensical blog title, Cream Cheese & Stethoscopes. Gotta love them both and everything in between…



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