Cotton swabs, phone calls and saving lives

Scott glances at his phone for incoming texts during class and sees an unfamiliar number calling him.

“A Florida area code?” he thinks to himself.

Ignoring the call but keeping his phone on his lap, a white blinking light catches his already curious eye. Before opening the e-mail, he sees “Important message from Gift…”

He feels his heart beating faster.

And faster.

Is he a match?

Can he save someone’s life?

He opens the e-mail and sees that he could be a potential bone marrow match for a man with lymphoma. (more…)

Mackowski does more than just teach.

Pens contact paper throughout the room as the professor explains the next assignment, a personality profile.


About the professor who will read and grade the story you write…


Narcissist. This professor must really love himself to read 16 stories about him. (more…)