A glimpse into the summer sister-bonding trip

On March 25, I received an e-mail from Taglit-Birthright Israel that I anticipated but dreaded.

“Dear Israel Outdoors Applicants –

We have now completed the initial round of trip assignments, and unfortunately we have not been able to place you on a trip yet.

If you can be flexible, we encourage you to stay on the waitlist as spaces do become available…”

Waitlist? Who would give up a free trip to Israel? Taglit-Birthright Israel with the help of generous donors gives selected Jewish young adults an opportunity to visit Israel, educating them on the land of their ancestors.

There goes our plan to start off an adventurous summer… However, this email will not discourage me and Dana, my sister. If Israel won’t take us, maybe another country will.

Neither of us had ever traveled to Europe before. On to plan B!

Finding time in between multiple movies during the plane ride, I carefully study the DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide for both London and Paris.

No parents. Not many set plans. Equipped with credit cards and dollars ready to exchange.

Never have I had this much control over what I do on a trip. As I try memorizing the travel tips, Dana uses sticky flags to highlight key places to visit.

“Non-EU residents?” the flight attendant walks down the aisle with customs forms in hand.

I think about the meaning of EU as I read the tourist book on Paris. États-Unis! I studied French for 7 years, and I thought that the language abbreviated USA to something similar to EU.

However, why wouldn’t they just say USA?

And why use a French abbreviation when this flight landed in Heathrow, UK?

These questions briefly enter my head and quickly glide away, as the flight attendant does. I am an American resident. Therefore, I pass up on a form. Good thing my sister grabbed one, knowing EU stood for European Union and not the French version of our country.

Form filled. Plane parked. Luggage lugged. Off to central London!

Jet lagged but so ready for exploring, Dana and I set early alarms to journey on to Paris!

Below depicts parts of our trip…

The shower/ bath in our hotel room in Paris. Do any Americans see a slight problem? That's right... no shower curtain.

Time to navigate in a city unknown to the traveling sisters...One of our very many purchased baguettes. The bakeries had a 10-euro minimum for credit cards. Solution: buy 10 euros worth of bread and goodies every day in Paris.

How could a painting this tiny have gotten so famous?

The traveling sisters in front of the glass pyramid in which visitors wait in line for hours to purchase a ticket for the museum. Note to future travelers: find la Porte des Lions. Buy tickets at the little machines and avoid all lines! Thanks for the tip, guidebook!In front of the Eiffel Tower!

Waiting in line at the Eiffel Tower with our very handy guidebook readily available

At the top of the Eiffel Tower!

On the bridge seen in Inception!

How could anyone forget about the very many crepes?

I thought the guards couldn't talk! This one sure proved us wrong.Please find me a tourist that has not taken a picture of themselves in a London phone booth.Shopping at the markTreetop Flyers concert. Check them out.

Perusing the markets in Central London

In front of Buckingham Palace waiting for Obama's brigade to leave

Obama in his car! He waved to us!

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  1. I’m so glad you had fun in Europe!

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