A first and last exists for everything, including eating chicken wings

BUFFALO—After a memorable night out in Canada, we packed our bags, checked out of the hotel and drove back to America. We sleepily gazed out the window and waited for our next stop, Anchor Bar.

Anchor Bar . photo taken by me

I had never eaten real chicken wings before and, while I did not really care to try them, I knew that if I did not, my New York friends would never stop making fun of me.

And of all places to have your first real chicken wings, Anchor Bar, that calls itself the “home of the original buffalo chicken wings,” would be the prime choice.

I would definitely agree with that statement. My stomach, ehh, not so much.

We sit and look at the menu. I had no idea what how spicy or mild wings could be or how many wings a normal person eats in one sitting, but I kept my newbie-ness quiet and did not make a scene.

I split a “double” of mild wings with three others; five of the 20 wings would be mine.

The meals came; a few pictures captured the moment; we ate.

I had no idea how, exactly, to go about eating them, so I subtly watched how others around the table used their fingers and odd tongue movements to suck the meat out between the bones.

I bit down on the plump meat around the bones until I ate it all. Then, I went for the finger-and-delicate-grasping-with-my-teeth motion to grab the white in between. Lastly, I nibbled on the sides for some more of the sauce.


Me at Anchor Bar . photo taken by my roommate, Danielle

I ate all five. However, according to my friends, a wing is not completely finished until all the meat, even on the very tips, are gone. So maybe I ate a total of three…

Great meal. Great price. Now, on our way back to St. Bonaventure University, less than a two-hour drive.

About an hour into the ride, I started to feel nauseous. Perhaps I was carsick; the roads wound around the mountains. However, this rarely happens to me.

We arrived at school around 3 in the afternoon, and until noon the following day, I could barely move without almost running to the bathroom.

While I did not vomit, I wish I had, so then maybe I could have felt better in a more timely fashion.

Generally, I do not eat fried food. I conjecture that the fried food plus the new taste created an unlikeable environment in my stomach.

Six Pepto-Bismol tablets later, I am proud to say that I had chicken wings at Anchor Bar, and I will not have them again for a very long time.

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  1. Now I’m hungry … very, very hungry.

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