Can’t get much better than Loehmann’s

I parked at the entrance of the third floor of Nordstrom, just as I always have. Hit the lock button on my keys and slipped them into my jeans pocket as I entered the mother ship, The Mall at Short Hills in Short Hills, N.J.

Shoppers frequently see celebrities and famous athletes surreptitiously scurrying around in Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other various designer stores. Having neither clothing sales tax nor subpar stores, The Mall at Short Hills attracts those who would typically shop in Manhattan if not for this building. This is the place to shop.

I walked in ready to spend with three credit cards and hundreds of dollars in gift cards hidden in my suede UGG purse. After three hours of picking out, trying on and abandoning, I left with not a single shopping bag in my hands.

A blast of Z100 eased the pain as I descended the multilevel parking garage with no new receipts to crumple in the bottom of my purse.

I drove towards my house, past my house and towards my next destination, Loehmann’s.

The off-price apparel store carries the same upscale designer merchandise that places such as The Mall at Short Hills offers, but at a fraction of the price.

After only 30 minutes in the single-floor store, I walked out with a shopping bag holding exactly what I had been looking for all day—a pair of skinny jeans and a black Natori bra.

I had tried on Natori’s garments earlier today. I would consistently fall in love with the style and loathe the price tag featuring $60.00 in bold print.

Then, I found the fashions of the same designer at Loehmann’s and slowly turned the price tag over to read the damage… $24.99! Could this be? The same designer at less than half the price I saw earlier in the day?


However, finding a pair of designer jeans at a reasonable price could not be possible, or could it. Freckle-faced Goldilocks took three pairs into the dressing room. The first pair barely squeaked past her hips, and she swam in the second. However, the third pair fit just right! (This is entirely factual. My fairytale luck today was just that good.)

The damage: $29.99, for a pair of women’s designer jeans! Women, you know that is a great price. Men, it IS a great price, almost unthinkable.

The lesson learned for the day: Shop at Loehmann’s. Go to a mall for exercise and some celebrity watching.

Dad, I hope you are proud of my shopping skills.

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  1. That’s what comes from ‘good home training’!!

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